What sold in my stores this week. What sold on Poshmark, Ebay, Etsy, Mercari and my Ebook.

4/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hey friends! Welcome back to my channel.
In this video I reveal what sold during the week of December 20 - January 2.
I also share my numbers. How much I made.

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  • I forgot to mention my Mercari sales. I sold two Free People Bralettes.

    • Hey Leslie I’ve stayed away from free people bralettes simply because others have said they don’t sell for a lot of money and they go slowly. How long did it take you to sell yours, and how much did they sell for? I appreciate you!

  • Hi Leslie !

  • Hey Leslie! I absolutely love your intro. So much fun. Etienne Aigner is actually easier to pronounce than most think - ET-TEE-ENN OWN-YAY. Best in the new year!

    • @A Reseller's Passion fantastic! I’m waiting for almost a month for my vintage handbag box from them. I may reach out to Jessica to see what’s going on.

    • Hey James. I purchased a case of 50 Free People Bralettes from Jomar. Maybe three months ago. I gave half to my daughter. You bundled all the ones that were the same size. I sold like 2 Bralettes for 35 to 40 dollars. The singles I let go for $17 - $21 depending on the style. I have two left.

    • Thanks James!

  • What great items and good money you made..so awesome😀

  • I didn't know you'd done an e-book! SO COOL!

  • OMG I just picked up those Gazelle Sneakers for $1 on dollar days.. that's good to hear!! :D