Resellers chat with Plush and Posh Group. Where resellers and Plus Size meet. Join the Conversation.

Hey friends! Welcome back to my channel.
Resellers chat.
In this live resellers chat I am talking all things Plus Size with the ladies from The Plush and Posh Group.
They are a group of resellers who are passionate about Plus Size clothing be inclusive for all women.

Contact The Plush and Posh Group on Instagram:

Contact the ladies individually.

Rhonda: thepinkdiva...
Dearrine: thedivaofcu...
Brittany: fupas_and_f...
Regina: snazzysoulz
Ashley: pompeyashley


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  • Great video! I just finished watching it, but I really enjoyed it! I focus on plus size in my reselling, and I’ve been trying to find others who do too! Following all of these ladies on Instagram now!

  • I'm learning so much watching this live. Thank you for providing such great insight into the plus size world. A lot of the info you guys gave I can use in my life outside of reselling, and thats so helpful. This was such a necessary chat, but such a great group to have. You guys are great!!

  • What was your biggest takeaway? Do you sell plus size clothing?

  • Thank you for this vlog Leslie!! I have been looking for something like this. You ladies are so inspiring! My first love of fashion is VIntage, but second is Plus sized clothing. I wore plus size clothing for most of my adult life and I am motivated to find beautiful clothing in my closet as an option for EVERY woman and man!

  • This group is awesome. Im all about the classically proportioned woman. I use to have a consignment store (20 years ago), that was only plus sized clothing. How can I join this beautiful group? And thank you for what ya'll do!

  • Hey beautiful ladies! ✨

    • @A Reseller's Passion You are?! That sounds most kind. Thank you!!!💕

    • @Soul Inspired Seller Yes, I know. I'm already subscribed.

    • @A Reseller's Passion I’ve been enjoying your vids! I recently started a channel too! ✨

    • Hey there!