Reseller Vlog. Real Life Moment of a Reseller.

31/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hey friends! Welcome back to my channel.
This is a reseller vlog video. I am talking about my burnout, menopause, taking time off and self care.
I like making these reseller vlog style videos. Look for more in the future.

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  • Good advice 👍 I'd love to hear more about your experience starting your business! I started menopause 3 years ago. It definitely changes things. I'm still dealing with it now. Take care!😊

  • I love that mug!! That’s my year too, Leslie! Thank you for always showing up. 💕💕💕

  • Love to know more about you Leslie! Appreciate you sharing! Best wishes!

  • So glad you took some time off and took time for you! Thank You for sharing and being so transparent :)

  • Good for you Leslie! I really need to finish Switched At Birth! I loved it when I was binging it haha :) I am 45 and I think I am starting menopause as well ... my emotions are WACK right now I just keep crying over the dumbest stuff lol I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband he just puts his arms around me and tells me it will be ok He is my whole heart. I am not looking forward to hot flashes lol

  • Love how you keep it real! Also, bras are overrated ! 😂

  • Hi Leslie, it’s so easy for us women to have burnout catch up on us because we are soooo good at keeping going and even ignoring our needs for a time. Good for you for taking this time out and heck, we should take as many time-outs as we need At the same time,I know, we need that money coming in. But health is most important and we get so much more mileage out of our bodies if we “ keep the gas tank filled, keep the oil changed before it gets dirty, rotate the tires” etc etc. I went through menopause at your age and had those hot flashes dipping in sweat then I’d get cold. It went on for years but gone now at age 66. Thanks for your real-ness and reminders. You’re so relatable. Take good care, enjoy your nice rests. I’m lounging in bed myself this Monday morning enjoying the coziness and relaxing feeling of comfort. Bye for now, have a nice day. 🌅🏡☕️💕

  • Speak your truth queen. Self care is required to be our best self. Appreciate your transparency. Blessings.

  • Appreciate you, Leslie! Appreciate the reminder to take time for yourself 💕

  • Leslie I appreciate your candor about real life! I’m with you girl. ❤️

  • Yes to all this. I’m over the hustle mentality right now.

  • Hey we all need a break. Things will still sell even if you don't list. I take time off whenever I need it.

  • Hey Leslie, I completely understand. I’m a part time reseller and work 4 10 hour days out side of my home. So it definitely gets overwhelming sometimes. I’m 54 , married and have one daughter who likes in New York. She’s 26 went to college in New York and stayed there.. I try to take Saturday’s off, besides sharing my Poshmark closet and answering questions... 😂 You should try Andrew Lessman’s Women’s wellness. It really helps with the hot flashes and it’s all natural, nothing crazy in it. I can tell if I don’t take it. Have a great relaxing vacation!! You deserve it! Your friend Rita

  • I appreciate you, too, Leslie. Those hot flashes are dreadful. Those breaks are necessary. It's when we don't listen to our bodies that we get in big trouble. I understand. My babies are both now in college, but close enough that we can help if they need. I work as I can with my back, but, like you are discussing, I take that break when I listen to my body and - like you are sending out: listen to your soul. You can't help others if you don't help yourself.