MY Reseller Vlog Lifestyle Video - A few moments in the life a full time reseller.

18/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hey friends! Welcome back to my channel.
This is my reseller vlog lifestyle video for the week of January 18.
I will be filming a reseller vlog video once a week.

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  • I like unedited videos! Great job! Often ppl over-edit and it’s so unnatural and kind of unsettling. Those hand-held steamers are great. Mine is similar. Love how they renew the look of a garment, kind of similar to how dry-cleaning does. I haven’t forgotten about the vision board. Got the words cut out and bought some poster paper last weekend. 😊 Thank you for a nice video and as usual those timely bits of wisdom and encouragement that is ever so welcome. 🙏💕

  • Hey Girl! Great video ❤️❤️

  • I’ve tried to get a threup box, but they are out of inventory. Looks like a good way to source! Ebooks will be awesome.

    • There are boxes available now. Don't know how long they will last. Remembered this comment and came to look for you. Hope you get one.