Goodwill Bluebox Watch Repurpose Box. Repurposed watches to resell in my Ebay, Etsy and Mercari shop

5/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hey friends! Welcome back to my channel.
In this video I am unboxing a Goodwill Bluebox full of repurposed watches.
Goodwill Bluebox is a good place to source inventory to resell.
I will be selling these watches as in in my Ebay and Mercari stores.

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  • digital can be worth big money

  • I have been thinking of putting up some watches 🌸

    • I would suggest doing it. I already sold the first watch I listed today.

  • Great video, love the point that even broken things can sell. Leslie, I clicked on to your Etsy Found like this catalogue and what lovely items! No wonder so many people buy vintage. Have a good day. 💐

    • ...I’m behind on watching vids, been glued to cnn etc. So sorry that happened. Hope things get better soon. (Restraining my words, not the right place to express) 🙏💕

    • @A Reseller's Passion That’s awesome, Leslie! I can totally see why. Such lovely pieces. Like looking at art work kind of.

    • Charleen, vintage is becoming my favorite thing to sell next to handmade.

  • So excited to see some more watch boxes to get an idea of what's in there. We got a box from the first drop--before they were on Fridays, and it was just okay. There were some good watches--a few Michael Kors and a Juicy, but they were TINY, like child size. We may take the bands off and just sell the faces, but I don't know how well that will go. All said, we sold a couple of the Timex ones and were able to make our money back, so we'll try it again! Thanks for sharing your box!

    • Try just selling the faces. You never know what will sell.

  • Some Invite watches are $600-$800!

  • Invite watches are pricey brand new! Interesting haul!

    • Thanks for that information Saralee. I will defiantly look into it.

  • Nice haul. Would you also do videos (show and tell) about your listing process and shipping? Thank you.

  • What fun! I am sure folks are going to love those watches once you get them listed. I use to wear the fancy cuff bracelet watches for work, easy to slip off once I got home. Thanks for sharing!

  • How do you feel about managed payments?

    • @A Reseller's Passion I as well like the managed payment method, I’m surprised that not many resellers do!.. I also like the fact that they take their part after every sale so that I’m not trying to figure out what to deduct and make an error.. I’m not sure why other resellers have complained , maybe it’s because they don’t get paid right away?.. I’m ok with waiting a few days for it to clear in my bank🤗

    • I actually like the managed payments. All my fees are taken right away. The rest of the money is mine. No more monthly bill.

  • Hey there! Good morning! Thanks for the heads-up about BlueBox. Let us know how much you paid per watch. Love your vids!

  • It’s weird to hear someone say that they don’t like reaching for their phone, because in these times, all you see are people with their phones in their hands.. you even see them on their phones while they’re driving and crossing the street, it’s like an addiction.. I’m a 40 year old woman who has an iPhone 11 and I leave it in my bag, I don’t walk around showing off my phone, I only pull it out when I receive a text or a call, or if I have to myself.. I’ve always said, it’s not the device itself it’s what’s put in it, like social media.. I love watches, I wear the large men style watches🤗❤️.. this box was a good deal, I might have to purchase one, wishing you many sales, love🤗❤️🙏🏻

    • @A Reseller's Passion I hear you🤗.. I do use it for business purposes as well, the phone does serve its purpose. I just think that some people forget what the whole purpose of the phone was created for🤗.. I grew up where the popular device was the pager/beeper and there was a pay phone in every corner and a phone line in every home, omg I’m showing my age😂😂

    • Don't get me wrong, I do use my phone a lot. It's how I make money and connections. I just don't think it has to be everything. My watch is easier because it's on my wrist.

  • I went on the site this past Friday exactly at 6pm to purchase a jewelry repurpose box and I kept refreshing every minute, because at 6pm there wasn’t anything yet.. I gave it a minute or two and they were posted, by the time I put in my card, they were gone🙁.. I was confused because I had received an email stating that they were going to be stocked for quite a bit due to a lot of inventory that they had received, not sure of that was even true, maybe a little misleading?.. it was weird because when I usually purchase them, they don’t sell within two minutes, they are usually up a bit longer.. My card had expired so by the time I entered my new card they were sold out🙁.. I guess with the new year starting, resellers are more aware and are back to sourcing!

    • @A Reseller's Passion I think so too, it has become more popular now because of the pandemic!

    • I definitely just kept refreshing. I missed the watches last week. I was determined to get a box this time. Sometimes it's going to be a hit, sometimes a miss. I only source online now, so I believe others are sourcing online as well.