Goodwill Bluebox Mixed Jean Box. Box of mixed jeans to resell on Poshmark, Ebay & Mercari.

1/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hey friends! Welcome back to my channel.
In this video I'm unboxing a Goodwill blue box filled with mixed jeans.
This Goodwill blue box contained a mixture of Old Navy, Express, Calvin Klein jeans and more.
Goodwill blue boxes are an inexpensive way to source in bulk.

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Goodwill Bluebox:

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  • Do you sell jeans in you reselling business? If so, would you buy this Goodwill blue box?

  • I ordered this box yesterday! Hoping for a good one!

  • Love that you're selling vintage! I worked at the Gap in the early 70s, sold nothing but Levi's jeans and shirts, that was another life. I also love how you are really busy, but still have time for others, sweet!

  • Nice to connect. I love your style and hard work I see that you put into your content. Happy New Year 2021! TLSP - Louie 🙏

  • Their boxes always go fast & I have been so curious how they come! Thank you so much sharing! I love how you explain how you are productive & inspire not to overthink it!! Plus I did not realize the shipping was so cheap too 🤩

    • Michelle, check out the video I released expalining how to get a Goodwill bluebox.

  • Nice lil video! I sell the odd pr of jeans. Truth be known, even though I have a very large bag of jeans down in my crawl space, I prefer selling tops. However, I will get to those jeans prob February when it’s time to haul up bags of spring n summer clothing. 😊

    • @A Reseller's Passion Hi Leslie, tysm for the encouragement to sell the jeans and other things we don’t like selling. Right now, I am in a tired, blah phase of sorts the past few days so am listing just a few items but “bumping” many items up to the top on fbmp. Since this afternoon I have sold 8 items to 7 people, but I do sell cheap locally so it amounts to 70.00 but I’m very happy with that. The energy and enthusiasm will return soon. Hope your day was good.

    • I would defiantly list those jeans. I sell a lot of items I don't like selling. There is money to be made.

  • I just ordered this box hope i get a good one

    • @A Reseller's Passion my box was a dud!!!!

    • @A Reseller's Passion I set it to my sisters I pick it up on Friday I can’t wait I’ll let. You know 🤞. Fingers crossed

    • How was your box Hope?

  • You are Precious!