Goodwill Bluebox. How to Get a Goodwill Bluebox.

8/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hey friends! Welcome back to my channel.
In this video I give you tips on how to get a Goodwill Blue box.
A Goodwill Bluebox is hard to get, but with these suggestions it might become a little easier for you.

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  • Thank you so much for making this video I have never got a blue box hope I will get one tomorrow though. Again thank you for the video it was so helpful.

  • Have you really gotten one lately, it seems easy to get them, at least when I try. The problem is that the ones I get are all from Tennessee and are straight-out dirty junk with modern plastic trash. The last box I got even had bloody rags/homemade jewelry. Given the increased price I'm not sure it was worth it.

  • Thanks for the advice. I was able to buy my first blue box. I was watching you today and then it was bidding time I so appreciate your wisdom. I feel blessed I found you in the nick of time First time ..First buy. Hip Hip

  • So informative! Thank you!

  • Thankyou

  • Thank you so much! I snagged a jewelry box due to your help despite them selling out within the first minute!

  • Hello. Great video. Q: I set up an account and signed up for email list like you said. Can you tell me where/ how to put in payment info. ahead of time? I can't seem to find where to put in either my credit card info. or my Paypal info. so payment is setup ahead of time as well. Thanks.

  • I've tried to get a thrash pack and I keep refreshing at 5:59 and 6 and it says its's not available and I keep refreshingly and wait a couple seconds and it. Never becomes available.

  • Hi Good video. I tried to add my credit card ahead of time in my account but all there is are my address to edit There is no where to put credit card info ahead of time in my account. Thanks

  • Thank you! I am going to try it!

  • I have had box in my cart and was checking out with paypal and it still said sold out by the time i was done. Thanks for the tips will try again. Are the repurposed watches / jewelry. Wearable or meant to be repurposed as in fixing up ect?

  • I can never get in they log me out and it wants me to log back in then verify I’m human wow, I’ve been trying for 6 months. Thank you.

  • Thank you! Great info

  • Thank you for sharing your tips and knowledge with us!! I hope you get back 10 fold!!

  • Can you tell me the way the payment is set up ? I have loss 3 boxes because i had to read the payment boxes. Thank you for the info .

    • @A Reseller's Passion Where on that page do i pay ? Is it at the top or bottom ? Sorry i have some medical problems understanding . Thank you .

    • You just pay with a debit card or Paypal.

  • Finally a video that explains things in detail for a newbie!! Thanks so much!!

  • First time watching your videos. So informative thank you! I will be following your and likey binge watch your videos lol. I do have one question. I'm trying to figure out how to input my CC info ahead of time so I won't have to type it in at the last minute. Do you know if this is possible or I'm thinking I'll have to do it with my first purchase. Tia🙂

  • Thanks for the great advice!!

  • Thankkkkkk you🙏🥰

  • Thank you so much for all the tips

  • What is best payment method.

    • Finally got my first jewelry blue box!!!! I am so excited. Hope it is worth it! Lol. You truly helped me a lot. I was so surprised!!! 😊☺️♥️. Again, Thank YOU so much!

    • I pay with a debit card.

  • Thank you for sharing Leslie 🤩 Going to keep trying to get one 🥰

  • I love the setup of this video!

  • I also wanted to share to not be afraid of the "mixed jeans" package. I've gotten it...twice? The jeans I've gotten have been in very good to excellent condition. My son adopted a pair (he's super tall, which could explain why they were in the box). You get all different brands and sizes. If you sell denim, that's a goodie, or have a huge family - they tend to have them all the time, not just in a hurry on Friday. :) Not bad for about $2 a pair.

    • @A Reseller's Passion Thanks! I'll go look for it!

    • Yes, I got a jeans box two weeks ago. There is a video.

  • This is no joke. LOL If you aren't there at that moment, by :02 of the hour, it's over. All of this advice is perfect. You can't go and "shop" by any traditional standard. I know that sounds completely nuts, but by 5:02 last week, I was lucky to get the ladies' box set for the clothing/jewelry in XS. Which I received this Wednesday (they ship it right out) and the clothing was pretty nice. I know everyone shoots for the bigger sizes, but I got a new with tags Calvin Klein tea length special occasion/prom ready dress in size 2 that is beautiful! :)

  • Took your advice about getting there before time and reloading and I got a jewelry box! I am excited to go through it. Love your videos!

  • I’ve been trying to grab a thrash pack for awhile. I want to see how bad they make it sound. I was able to grab a women’s size medium box after the jewelry one selling out way too fast.

    • @A Reseller's Passion no wonder why I can’t get one lol

    • I don't they released any thrash packs. I did snag a men's large box.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you for these tips I'm going to try it tonight! Haven't had any luck yet but I have a good feeling, hopefully I'll come back and tell you I got one!

  • Thank you! I am going to try and get one of the jewelry ones tonight and this gave me some hope haha.

    • @Shop Foxburrow that’s why they sold out so fast 😂. I tried to get two lol

    • @Shop Foxburrow Congratulations.

    • @A Reseller's Passion I accidentally got 2 because I clicked twice haha. I didn't want to take the time to take the second out of my cart, but I'm excited to see what I get!

    • You never know. Tonight might be the night.

  • Your tips were wonderful, thank you🤗❤️

    • @A Reseller's Passion no problem!.. I ended up getting the 2 in 1 box that had the women’s clothing and repurpose jewelry lot🤗.. I followed your tip and it worked, thank you🤗❤️🙏🏻

    • You are welcome. Thanks for watching.