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E-Commerce Entrepreneur. Subscribe to my channel for conversations, tips and adventures in online reselling. I also mix things up from time to time. There will be baking, coffee making and an occasional day in the life. Come along for the journey.

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8:01Jomar Wholesale Trendy Wallets. Wallets to sell On Poshmark and Ebay.
Jomar Wholesale Trendy Wallets. Wallets to sell On Poshmark and Ebay.दृश्य 1583 महीने पहले
9:11Jomar Wholesale Trendy Handbags. Handbags to sell on Poshmark and Ebay.
Jomar Wholesale Trendy Handbags. Handbags to sell on Poshmark and Ebay.दृश्य 1953 महीने पहले
8:43Reseller Vlog. Real Life Moments from a Reseller.
Reseller Vlog. Real Life Moments from a Reseller.दृश्य 1934 महीने पहले
8:52Reseller Vlog. Real Life Moment of a Reseller.
Reseller Vlog. Real Life Moment of a Reseller.दृश्य 1904 महीने पहले
1:02:16Reseller Hangout with Brittany - Reseller Chat with my good friend Brittany from.
1:03:31Reseller Hangout and Q&A. Live Q&A with the reselling community.
Reseller Hangout and Q&A. Live Q&A with the reselling community.दृश्य 1635 महीने पहले
7:05WHAT SOLD THIS WEEK. What sold in my Poshmark, Ebay, and Etsy Stores.
WHAT SOLD THIS WEEK. What sold in my Poshmark, Ebay, and Etsy Stores.दृश्य 1415 महीने पहले
12:29Goodwill Bluebox. How to Get a Goodwill Bluebox.
Goodwill Bluebox. How to Get a Goodwill Bluebox.दृश्य 9055 महीने पहले


  • Thank you so much for making this video I have never got a blue box hope I will get one tomorrow though. Again thank you for the video it was so helpful.

  • Thank you! All of these videos gave been about Apple computers so I'm thankful you did a PC!

  • That is a lot of information. I will have to revisit this subject when I am done moving!

  • That would be so ridiculous for people to hold a place in line like that. I am waiting to hear how much per pound your bins are. I have to drive 2 hours to the closest bins, but I pay $1.09# over 25 lbs.

  • Nice to meet you! I followed you over here from Instagram. I watch on IN-cd because I can cast it from my phone to my TV, and I can’t do that with Instagram. I am the baby of 10 in a blended family. I am interested in checking out your content. 😁

  • Just came over from Quenby's channel! Watched the rerun of your live with her, it was great! Thanks so much for your content!

  • Hi Leslie! I own that ugg sherpa cardigan! It’s amazing! Keep it!

  • Have you really gotten one lately, it seems easy to get them, at least when I try. The problem is that the ones I get are all from Tennessee and are straight-out dirty junk with modern plastic trash. The last box I got even had bloody rags/homemade jewelry. Given the increased price I'm not sure it was worth it.

  • What item is your favorite?

  • Thanks for the advice. I was able to buy my first blue box. I was watching you today and then it was bidding time I so appreciate your wisdom. I feel blessed I found you in the nick of time First time ..First buy. Hip Hip

  • Missed your positive attitude. North carolina is Beautiful. Love the SMOKEY MOUNTAINS.

  • this was fun to watch! ive always debated getting a jomar box! also you look like you live in an amazing area, i wish i had that many trees by my house!

    • I would defiantly say give Jomar a try. Start with a small box.

  • Not a boring story! Thanks for sharing!

  • Congratulations On Your Move Leslie 🥰 Wishing You All The Best!

  • So nice to see you back. Hope all with well with your move. Hearing the birds singing in the background is so soothing.

  • Congratulations on your move we missed you!!!!

  • hey! :)

  • I was looking for something else and your video was in my feed. I'm glad I stopped to watch, your tie dyes are beautiful, and thank you for sharing.

  • So informative! Thank you!

  • Thankyou

  • Excellent presentation

  • Great video.

  • Love the mug

  • Hey, we make & sell htv shirts, car decals & wood Crafts with vinyl. What category should I stick my business under?

  • Thank you so much! I snagged a jewelry box due to your help despite them selling out within the first minute!

  • Hello. Great video. Q: I set up an account and signed up for email list like you said. Can you tell me where/ how to put in payment info. ahead of time? I can't seem to find where to put in either my credit card info. or my Paypal info. so payment is setup ahead of time as well. Thanks.

  • Pirate ship is really easy you should try it

    • Thanks. I actually use PayPal for my businesses. Pirateship is a great alternative.

  • Thank you! Very nice comparison video I was looking for an alternative to Linktree. Thank you for this vid. It is very informative :)

  • I've tried to get a thrash pack and I keep refreshing at 5:59 and 6 and it says its's not available and I keep refreshingly and wait a couple seconds and it. Never becomes available.

  • thanks for sharing this video , but i want to to know , if i make a page and start sharing my products ,, i want that my share products didn't come on my personal profile , can i do that ?

  • That Hermès was beautiful. That's what I was hoping to get in my scarf box. No luck for me though 😕 yay for you.

  • Hi Good video. I tried to add my credit card ahead of time in my account but all there is are my address to edit There is no where to put credit card info ahead of time in my account. Thanks

  • Awesome work on those shirts! 💗

  • Thank you! I am going to try it!

  • I have had box in my cart and was checking out with paypal and it still said sold out by the time i was done. Thanks for the tips will try again. Are the repurposed watches / jewelry. Wearable or meant to be repurposed as in fixing up ect?


  • Helpful video.

  • If I have more than one items could I copy the same QR Codes

  • I can never get in they log me out and it wants me to log back in then verify I’m human wow, I’ve been trying for 6 months. Thank you.

  • Thank you! Great info

  • Glad to see you back!💜

  • Thank you for sharing your tips and knowledge with us!! I hope you get back 10 fold!!

  • Loooove this Ty Sis!!! I was deciding on a full website 400-500 dollar website and I’m here Wow ty.. Question: Is there that ugly watermark like the Wix website? Can you add things if beginners are starting out? Where do I find the Link tree and Campsite? I don’t see them on my google play hmmm ty

  • Can you tell me the way the payment is set up ? I have loss 3 boxes because i had to read the payment boxes. Thank you for the info .

    • @A Reseller's Passion Where on that page do i pay ? Is it at the top or bottom ? Sorry i have some medical problems understanding . Thank you .

    • You just pay with a debit card or Paypal.

  • Good luck always. 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💜 💛 💚

  • Where have you been I've missed you

  • NIce. I want to get my hands on one of the jomar handbag boxes but they do sell out fast. xoxo quenby

  • Hi! I heard you on Clubhouse and sought out your channel. I’m really enjoying your content and am always looking for education in reselling! I’m in PA and don’t have access to high end much. Thrifting in my 50s is great though! I look forward to watching more. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Great haul! I put everything on all platforms just to get it in front of more buyers! But I do understand your reasoning for not doing that! 💕

  • Hahaa that’s how I would be...I’m gonna keep this! I think I’ll need a lot of self control!!

  • Leslie you always make my day, it's nice to see your happy smile!

  • glad to see you back xoxo Quenby

  • I have a question! If it’s my first listing ever then I won’t have the choice to print my own label. But after the first listing then I will have that option. Because it’s my first time and I don’t see the use own label option anywhere. They only give me the option to use Mercari shipping label

  • Love these! Getting started selling stuff in our house and I kind of want a box for myself now to see what I get! I’ve always been a sucker for a grab bag!

  • This is fun to watch! This 80s takes me back!!! Too bad I didn’t save those clothes!!

  • Good advice 👍 I'd love to hear more about your experience starting your business! I started menopause 3 years ago. It definitely changes things. I'm still dealing with it now. Take care!😊

  • I love that mug!! That’s my year too, Leslie! Thank you for always showing up. 💕💕💕

  • Finally a video that explains things in detail for a newbie!! Thanks so much!!

  • Thank you for your help, I sold something on Mercari but not sure how to get paid. If I offer shipping, I think I have a Paypal account so I can ship with them and they can pay me through Paypal right?

  • First time watching your videos. So informative thank you! I will be following your and likey binge watch your videos lol. I do have one question. I'm trying to figure out how to input my CC info ahead of time so I won't have to type it in at the last minute. Do you know if this is possible or I'm thinking I'll have to do it with my first purchase. Tia🙂

  • HELLO I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU SO MUCH....i have been doing Poshmark for 8 months now. For some reason , i could not for the life of me....print this one label. !!!! My husband ,grandson and my son.... we were all trying to figure out ...why ???? so i went on U tube, and there were all these videos ..on shipping. YOU were the only one that talked about a label EXPIRING.....i had no idea that a label expired. Thank you..... I feel so relieved..... from San Antonio Tx Peggy

  • I was introduced to you last week and love your style of education... I can understand and relate to you...a real person sharing the reality and yet being so successful! And I live in the Philly suburbs so you’re not super far!! I got your ebook as my daughter and I are going to start selling our bags and bags of stuff. I am finding you have so much more education to offer about so many things I’ve wanted to do.

  • Awesome demo! Glad we came across this! 💙 Thanks for sharing!

  • Enjoyed this video-I'm glad you took time off to get recharged! I think all your new initiatives sound awesome! Your Membership group is going to be amazing!

  • I am so interested in learning about doing all the selling on IN-cd. Knowing what products and camera stuff you use. I know nothing. Way to go! Can’t wait!!

  • Thanks for the great advice!!

  • Great video! I mistakingly entered the wrong weight on my listing that just sold on Mercari. I can no longer change the weight because the label was already emailed to me. Can I cancel it and request another Label?

    • You won’t be able to cancel your label . You will have to cancel the whole order.

  • Love to know more about you Leslie! Appreciate you sharing! Best wishes!

  • Hi Leslie you are very smart. 💜 💛 💚 🧡

  • Hi Leslie. I'm new here. Love your story I didn't find it boring at all. Just in case you're wondering how I came upon your account it was through Goodwill Blue Box's Post on Instagram. I'm looking forward to watching your other videos as I have added your account to my subscriptions.

  • Hi Leslie, it’s exciting that you’re reconfiguring your many hats. If only we could do it all and not get weary. But since we can’t, this is the next best thing. You’re a good example showing that we are allowed to reassess and make changes as we go along.

  • You have great content in your videos. I did not want to set on the side to thank you for sharing ❤ please never stop being you, you are just amazing, here to support you ❤️❤️👍have a blessed day ❤️.

  • Love your videos. You’re so beautiful and real. Best of luck in your new endeavors.

  • Have you updated this talk to the latest Facebook interface as a lot of this video is not there anymore and looks entirely different.

    • I’m actually going to be filming a new video next week. I just set up a new Facebook page and went through all the new processes.

  • Thankkkkkk you🙏🥰

  • Hi Leslie good to see you. 💜 💛 💚 🧡

  • You got to do what you got to do for sure! :)

  • Hey Leslie! Love this kind of videos, I just found channel...definitely liked and subscribed!! Thank you for sharing and being so honest!

  • So glad you took some time off and took time for you! Thank You for sharing and being so transparent :)

  • Love this Leslie! Love your transparency and excited to see what you have coming up :)