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E-Commerce Entrepreneur. Subscribe to my channel for conversations, tips and adventures in online reselling. I also mix things up from time to time. There will be baking, coffee making and an occasional day in the life. Come along for the journey.

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0:08My 5 favorite vintage sites. The vintage site I use to sell clothing.
My 5 favorite vintage sites. The vintage site I use to sell clothing.दृश्य 1.8K8 घंटे पहले
0:06Reselling is hard work. Do. Let anyone convince you otherwise.
Reselling is hard work. Do. Let anyone convince you otherwise.दृश्य 3.1K7 दिन पहले
0:15Quick shoe touch up with polish.
Quick shoe touch up with polish.दृश्य 4577 दिन पहले
0:27I use recycled packaging. Save money and recycle.
I use recycled packaging. Save money and recycle.दृश्य 6814 दिन पहले
0:15Monday behind the scenes.
Monday behind the scenes.दृश्य 139महीने पहले
0:10Behind the scenes. In between takes.
Behind the scenes. In between takes.दृश्य 79महीने पहले
0:41Local thrift store finds. Free Handbags and Items to Tie Dye.
Local thrift store finds. Free Handbags and Items to Tie Dye.दृश्य 137महीने पहले
0:52Behind the scenes from a reseller photo shoot.
Behind the scenes from a reseller photo shoot.दृश्य 70महीने पहले
1:00Reselling is like a full cardio workout. A reseller's life.
Reselling is like a full cardio workout. A reseller's life.दृश्य 103महीने पहले
0:15Lazy day of a reseller.
Lazy day of a reseller.दृश्य 68महीने पहले
0:58A Day In My Life - The plant nursery, Lowe’s and ALDI.
A Day In My Life - The plant nursery, Lowe’s and ALDI.दृश्य 74महीने पहले
0:51I’m a reseller. I can’t buy retail. It's only window shopping for me.
0:52DIY Glue Stick Plant Trellis- A quick and easy trellis for my plants.
DIY Glue Stick Plant Trellis- A quick and easy trellis for my plants.दृश्य 442 महीने पहले
0:30NEW TIE DYE SHEETS.  I Tie dyed to sell on Etsy and my shops.
NEW TIE DYE SHEETS. I Tie dyed to sell on Etsy and my shops.दृश्य 452 महीने पहले
0:25Print a Mercari label on your Rollo or 4x6 thermal printer.
Print a Mercari label on your Rollo or 4x6 thermal printer.दृश्य 2852 महीने पहले
0:21Working on my Physical health.
Working on my Physical health.दृश्य 312 महीने पहले
0:10Making changes to my existing Etsy store.
Making changes to my existing Etsy store.दृश्य 342 महीने पहले
0:09New and Vintage Coffee mugs. ~ To sell on EBay, Poshmark and Mercari.
New and Vintage Coffee mugs. ~ To sell on EBay, Poshmark and Mercari.दृश्य 472 महीने पहले
0:38A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A RESELLER - Everything I got done before 2PM.
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A RESELLER - Everything I got done before 2PM.दृश्य 552 महीने पहले
0:11A Vintage Ralph Lauren hunters coat. I tie dyed to sell on Etsy and Shopify.
0:20New Tie dye items to list on Etsy.
New Tie dye items to list on Etsy.दृश्य 9612 महीने पहले
0:22New tie dye items I finished to sell on Etsy. Part 3.
New tie dye items I finished to sell on Etsy. Part 3.दृश्य 502 महीने पहले
0:21New tie dye items I finished. Part 2. ~ Tie dye clothing to sell in my shops.


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  • I love your shirt! You are really creative and great at the tie dye. 💖 Plus, you have given such wonderful advice on your platforms. Thank you! - Deb

  • Hi, is it ok if I use regular printer paper to place on a package and ship the item?

  • Hi Leslie! Welcome back to IN-cd! Your yard is so gorgeous, like your own park, heard the birds sing, so beautiful. Hope you’re selling lots and doing well. I should get off my duff and list but oh how sweet it is to watch IN-cd videos and was happy to see yours. Going into continue watching now..have a good day. 😊🌿

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  • If you hit command, shift, and hte number 4 it allows you to highlight the label only into a screen shot. You turn it to the right orientation, hit print, then choose 4x6 and shrink to fit and voila you have it! This is on a mac.


    • Sorry that happened to you. I didn’t pay for this box.

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  • When I go to retail stores I'm looking for clearance items or overstock with discounts. It's very hard for me to buy something and pay just the sticker price So I do understand doing some window shopping cause it's how I find what trending too.....LOL😄😄

  • Thank you ! This makes me feel better I dont have a fancy space to do fabric painting yet-use what you got right !

  • Will you show your tie-dye Set up area?

    • I work in my kitchen. See the new video I released. I will try to record my prep videos in the future.

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  • Also, you could just use the 3:2 aspect ratio if you print on 4x6 printing paper for simple cropping.

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  • Thanks for sharing, great video & info, awesome detailing and really positive push to get crosslisting, Depop eBay Poshmark Marketplace Etsy and More, here in Aus these are all avail hopefully it works aswell down under! Again awesome and thanks for the discount code : ARESELLERSPASSION <3

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  • Thank you so much but i confused something if i want Shipp on mu own then make label my self ?then how can i know costomer address and phone number things

    • You get all the information from Mercari. You copy and paste the information into the shipping platform. Copy name. Copy address. Pirateship or PayPal will ask for all that information. After you get your label, copy the tracking number and paste that into Mercari. Read the shipping guidelines on Mercari, they will provide all this information.

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    • I clean once a week. This is the midweek mess. Saturday it will be clean and organized for the next week.

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    • My husband is a reseller so he understands. His room is worse than mine sometimes.

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    • @A Reseller's Passion no for some reason. I had to create another page and it had shop button on that one. If I create a shop button it asks for a link to my website. I don’t have a website

    • Do you have a shop button on your page?

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    • @A Reseller's Passion yea !!!!

    • The scarf was authenticated and sold months ago.

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